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All Formation carpets are woven exclusively from 100% highland sheep wool from Tibet. Highland sheep live at elevations over 16,000 feet and are directly exposed, at such heights, to cold winds and other harsh natural elements. This is what makes their wool incomparably more resilient, more durable, more dirt-resistant, and obtaining more luster over time, than other types of wool. Great value is placed on carefully treating the wool -- the wool is hand-carded (combed) and hand-spun.

Formation has diversified its line of traditional wool carpets by introducing the mixing of two new types of raw material as its staples - allo and silk. This diversification has yielded in carpets with different types of texture as well as shine.

Allo is the giant Himalayan nettle plant which stems from the cotton family. It is known to be good for health and its durable quality. Allo mixed with wool yields in different shades in the same hank which beautifies the carpet naturally.

The silk used by Formation is the best silk imported from China. Wool carpets with silk mixed in them give the carpets a lively shining effect, as if the carpet moves with you. Shines differ with the angle the carpet is viewed from.

In addition to allo and silk, Formation also deals with pashmina, linen, hemp, viscose and respun silk. Formation's standard weaving is crossed weaving without exception.

Formation specializes in carpets with the following knot counts (densities): 50, 60, 64, 80 and 100. Formation has also started experimenting with 120-knot carpets.