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GoodWeave ( GoodWeave.org ) is a global non-profit organization working to end illegal child labor and offer educational opportunities for children in South Asia. The GoodWeave label is your best assurance that no exploitative child labor was employed in the manufacture of a carpet or rug.

Carpet export out of South Asia was plagued with child labor in the late 1980s. When the media brought this into the limelight, carpet exports from the region plummeted drastically. Carpet exporting was then the #1 source of revenue for the small, impoverished country of Nepal. Wanting to make a difference, Sulo Shrestha-Shah, founder of Formation Carpets, made her debut into the carpet industry.

Sulo Shrestha-Shah was at the forefront of battling anti-child labor long before the establishment of GoodWeave, then known as Rugmark. This push for child-labor free carpet production ultimately led to the formation of GoodWeave in Nepal. On December 24, 1995, GoodWeave Nepal (the Nepal Rugmark Foundation) was established, with Sulo Shrestha-Shah serving as the organizationís first elected president. She continued to work as a board member of GoodWeave Nepal for the next seven years, and today she holds an advisory role in the organization. In addition, Sulo Shrestha-Shah also held the post of General Secretary of GoodWeave International in 2002-2003.

Formation Carpets continues to be a GoodWeave licensee and proud partner of the organization.